Pregnidos: adjustable comfort shoes for during and after pregnancy — Pregnidos

We redefine comfort for the feet of moms carrying Two. 

Our adjustable shoes follow the feet during and post-pregnancy.

With Pregnidos, practical is a given. Chic comes extra.


Swollen feet during pregnancy

In the last months of pregnancy many future moms experience foot edema which cause their feet to grow in volume, length and width, so that they cannot wear their previous shoes anymore. 

Pregnidos has recognized this problem and has been developing flexible, comfortable shoes for during and after the pregnancy.

Pregnidos with baby bump

Feel cozy and chic despite the swollen feet

Our comfortably wide shoes contain smart details which make them adjustable to the degree of the foot and ankle swelling. Pregnidos offer the room which the swollen feet really need, unlike conventional shoes whose construction is often too narrow.

Learn about our shoe concept

Pregnidos after the baby bump

Walk safely with the baby in your arms

Their flexible design makes possible that Pregnidos can be worn as well after the baby is born, when the foot swelling decreases. The anti-slip wedge soles and the stable construction prove to be equally important after the pregnancy, when the fresh mom has to walk safely and comfortably with the baby in her arms.


At work

Forget the discomfort and concentrate on your tasks properly


On city tour

Relax on your walks through the city


On holiday

Enjoy endless walks in your favorite places just like before the pregnancy


On travel

Feel privileged to have found the best traveler shoes 

Step in | Adjust | Feel the comfort

To put on Pregnidos you don't have to bend long over your baby bump.



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