What causes the swelling of the feet and ankles in a pregnant woman’s body?

As you can read here more extensively, the swelling occurs due to a combination of several factors, like for e.g.:

  • more fluids are built and held back in the body of the mother so that the healthy growth and development of the baby is ensured;
  • the increased weight of the uterus which presses on the lower extremities and veins, thus hindering the normal transportation of the blood to the heart; the blood and the blood fluids (plasma) start to pool in the legs;
  • the softening of the tissues and vein walls due to the pregnancy hormones, which allows plasma to penetrate into the neighboring tissues.

Which characteristics should have the best shoes for pregnancy?

  • Adjustable volume which allows the shoes to fit to the changing degree of swelling during the day;
  • Easy to put on so that you don’t have to bend long over the baby bump;
  • Anatomic form and a wider fit, so that the feet have enough space in the shoes ;
  • Stable in order to ensure a proper position for the back and the whole body, thus avoiding back pain and an unnatural, forced posture;
  • Anti-slip for the safety of the mom and the baby;
  • Moderate wedges for added comfort (resp. no flat soles, as these don’t ensure a comfortable position, considering the changed ;
  • Natural materials in order to prevent excessive sweating of the foot or skin problems.

Why is it not recommended to wear high heels during pregnancy?

High heels are fashionable and great to wear before the pregnancy (although unhealthy, as we all know).

However, if you are pregnant and especially if your feet swell, you should avoid wearing this kind of shoes, which normally are very narrow and would constrict your feet. The forced elevation of the heels would increase the pooling of fluids in the feet and thus the swelling. If the shoes have straps, which is often the case with high heels, these would put additional pressure on the swelling or you wouldn’t even be able to close them. Your feet would stand in a completely uncomfortable position and you would experience pain. With the added weight and your center of gravity being changed during pregnancy, walking on high heels would be totally unsafe for you and the baby, with a high risk of slipping and falling.

How long is a pregnant woman affected by the water retention in the legs?

The swelling of the feet and ankles occurs mostly starting with the second trimester and it lasts until after a few days or weeks after the birth. However, there are cases when the feet remain swollen months after the baby is born.

Do all women get swollen feet during pregnancy?

Only around 70% to 80% of the pregnant women suffer from the swelling of the feet.

Do I really need different shoes during pregnancy?

If your feet swell, yes, you will need other shoes. You will notice anyhow that your usual shoes do not fit anymore. If you continue to wear your regular shoes, your feet will be unnaturally constricted, you will feel uncomfortable and your foot health may be affected lastingly.

If your feet do not swell much, then it is possible for you to wear your usual shoes until the end of the pregnancy. However, it is recommended to avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy. 

Can I wear Pregnidos also after the pregnancy?

We conceive the design of our shoes so that they can be adjusted flexibly to the changing dimensions of the feet.

Moreover, Pregnidos are provided with removable insoles which can be taken out when the foot swells. As soon as the water retention decreases, for e.g. after the pregnancy, they can be used again, so that the shoes continue to fit well. When not used, the insoles can be hold in the extra cotton bag which is provided together with the shoes.

Which outfits can I wear with Pregnidos?

They suit to dresses and trousers alike, completing your chic look in any situation, no matter if you wear casual or more elegant styles. You will feel equally comfortable and beautiful wearing Pregnidos during a walk in the city, at work, on travel or at a party with friends.