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During pregnancy not only the baby bump is growing but the whole body of the mama goes through different changes. The feet which carry Two are often affected by swelling and pregnant women need to change the fashionable high heels or the narrow, pointed shoes which they have been used to wear so far for functional, practical and stable shoes which they can adapt effortlessly to their changing foot condition.

We at Pregnidos are re-defining the notion of healthy shoe comfort for stressed mama feet. We create individually adjustable, aesthetic and durable designs using high-quality natural materials, so that moms can enjoy wearing our maternity shoes well beyond pregnancy into the nursing period and after.

Pregnidos are memory traces of the steps which women take during one of the most emotional periods in their lifes - the time when they get a baby.


The natural shape of the foot is the starting point for our shoe design. Having a comfortable width and rounded tops, Pregnidos do not constrict the feet in any way, they are very stable and the toes have enough room to move naturally.

In order for moms to put on Pregnidos easily we use only velcros or laces with stoppers as closure systems in our shoes. Pregnidos' ease of use is of great help to moms because they don't need to bend long over the baby belly and can adjust them flexibly to the swelling of the feet during the day.


During pregnancy the body axis is shifted and the biomechanics changes. For a better stability and balance of the pregnant body we use moderate wedges, which we consider to be the most comfortable kind of soles.

Durable rubber is our preferred material for the outsoles, as it prevents moms from slipping, no matter which ground mama walks on. The soles of the winter styles are even safer, containing grip elements for snow or ice weather conditions.


Our exceptional materials and components combined with thoughtful designs make basically the comfort of our shoes.

We work exclusively with high-quality natural materials which we source from the best suppliers in the industry.

For women who are health-conscious or have sensitive skin we offer eco-friendly styles in the summer collection. The Eco sandals are handcrafted of vegetable tanned leather which is not only chrome- but completely metal-free, and thus anti-allergic.


Our maternity shoes carry moms and their babies through the pregnancy and into the nursing period.

As they are individually adjustable, mamas can adapt Pregnidos flexibly to the foot swelling and back to the normalized condition of the legs after the baby birth. Our maternity shoes fit at all times and offer the same comfort during pregnancy and through the nursing period, when the foot swelling decreases.