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Size finder

How to determine your shoe size

Our advice for you is try to measure your feet in the afternoon, when they are bigger.

  1. Print the picture contained on the respective link (by clicking CTRL +P). It shows the information which you need to see your foot size at a glance. Place the paper sheet on the floor so that it touches a wall.
  2. Stand with one foot on the sheet, pressing your full body weight on it. Make sure that the heel is against the wall. On the ruler mark the spot where your biggest toe ends. For an accurate result, measure both feet, as they often differ in length.
  3. Compare the result with the values in the size table. It is recommended to add 0,5 cm to 1 cm to your foot size, so that the feet have enough room to roll in the shoes when you walk. For kids you must add 12 to 17 mm to thee foot size, so that the feet have both enough room in the shoes to roll properly and space to grow.