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The most precious Christmas gift

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The best Christmas gift-Pregnidos-Blog

I always imagined happiness with my husband and four kids (at least). Fortunately, a few years ago I married an extraordinary man, and one of his deepest desires was to be a father of four kids as well.

Soon after our wedding we started our adventure as parents. We got a sweet baby boy and our life has never been the same since then. Our happiness is to love and raise him. But last year we felt it was time to give him a little sibling.

In December, exactly one year ago, my period was delayed. I started to think that I could be pregnant. Since we were so close to Christmas, I thought that instead of telling my husband about my presentiment, I should wait a few days until Christmas to offer him the best present – THE BIG NEWS! I bought a pregnancy test and hid it away so that I could take it out on the big day. However, as the days went by, I started to feel an uncontrollable anxiety… I really wanted to know if I was pregnant or just crazy!

In the night of December 24th I couldn’t wait anymore and woke up. (I had been reading the pregnancy test instructions and found out that the best time to do the test was in the morning, with the first urine of the day). I really tried to wait, but I couldn’t - I needed to be sure that I was pregnant. So, I woke my husband and told him about my delayed period and the pregnancy test. He was so sleepy that his only answer was: “It’s 3am!!! If you do the test now… I know you, you will stay awake the rest of the night thinking about the baby. Let’s sleep!” He turned on the other side and fell asleep immediately.

Well, I tried to do the same, but couldn’t. Again, I woke him up and asked him to be with me, so that we could see the result together. He gently accepted, and WE GOT THE GREAT NEWS: Our second child was on the way! We were extremely happy and headed to bed again, myself hugging my belly with a huge smile on my face. And guess what? I immediately fell asleep, while my dear husband spent the whole night awake thinking about the baby.

I will never forget those feelings! That Christmas was a special one because we had the best news to share with our families: We were expecting our second child!