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06 Jul, 2019

Eco-friendly maternity shoes - Part II


Basically, our leathers are of high quality, having a special feel and a very soft smell. They are different especially because, being dyed ecologically, they are not covered with synthetic materials, which makes the leather to remain breathable. This is a very important characteristic for shoes, in particular. Moreover, during the processes of both tanning and dying no heavy metals are used. Our leather does not contain any chemical compounds which can put the health at risk.

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23 Jun, 2019

Eco-friendly maternity shoes - Part I


Out of the Rhubarb Leather the wonderful Pregnidos Eco summer sandals came into being, in the Sunrays and Flow variations. They are incredibly beautiful and elegant in their a bit serious lavanda color, with a wonderful surface reminding of the vivid, eventful years embedded in the animal skin, which is not equal everywhere and was left like this, uncovered by artificial chemical layers to hide “imperfections”.

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