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Sunny Mother's Day(s)

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"Mama, we decorate cookies for Mother’s Day in the kindergarten!"

I smile as my 5 years old son tells me the news full of joy.

"My darling, mama will not be at home, unfortunately... We will be away for one day, we have to visit the factory and talk about new shoes."

My son asks whether he can come with us, because he knows how beautiful Portugal is, where our partner factory is located. He has been there multiple times and knows the ocean and the beaches around Porto. In fact, he is always happy with us, no matter where we take him. The most important thing for us is to be together.

This time he cannot accompany us, as the trip is too short and we will be busy with meetings. We will not have time to enjoy the ocean air as other times. But we will return home the next day. 

My son understands this, smiles and continues to play. One day is not too long without mom and dad. And the grandparents will take care of him. We will celebrate Mother’s Day together when we return. And then we celebrate not only mom but also grandma, mom’s mom! 

Mother’s Day is for me not only the public holiday. It is each day when I hug, kiss, caress, admire my son; when we read, play, eat, dance and enjoy the time together intensively. My Mother’s Days are all the hours, minutes, seconds when I am with him and my heart grows full of love and beats quicker. My Mother’s Days are sunny since five years ago a little sun entered my life and has been brightening and making it happier and more beautiful, in a different way than before.

My sweetheart, mama loves you!