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#nevergiveup !

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Anna lives in Lombardy which is the epicenter of the human tragedy unfolding these weeks in Italy due to the coronavirus. Anna tells us how she is experiencing life in these days and weeks:
"In Italy at the moment the situation is dramatic. Our doctors and all workers who are ensuring the management of basic necessities do an excellent job in this critical situation. There are many solidarity initiatives taking place: people sing on the balconies to feel less alone, they communicate with each other on social networks to keep the mood high even if the heart cries.
In these sad moments the spirit of brotherhood among people emerges, we are all close in a big global embrace. When the situation improves we will appreciate normality as a wonderful gift. My personal story has already taught me that everything can change suddenly but now everyone has the opportunity to reflect on how much nothing can be taken for granted. We will soon go back to live life with extreme joy, we will travel and make our dreams come true.
Love yourself and do not neglect yourself, not even during these days at home, take care of your body and your spirit...
Never give up!"

We are sending our love to Anna and all Italians and hope for a quick end of this human tragedy!