Hello third trimester! Good-bye beautiful shoes?? — Pregnidos
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Hello third trimester! Good-bye beautiful shoes??

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You are entering the last months of your pregnancy and not only the baby belly grows but the whole body is swollen like a balloon, mostly the face, the hands and the legs. And now this - bad surprise! The whole bunch of beautiful shoes which you have been buying lately in all colors and styles suddenly don't fit your swollen feet anymore… They have to stay in the cabinet…

Hopefully this is a temporary state, you think, and start looking for replacement. But where to search for suitable shoes? The internet is full of recommendations about what COULD fit from the existing myriad of options. You feel lost and spend hours after hours to evaluate those advices… But as you look with fresh eyes at the recommended shoes you notice that they are not what you need: either they are too narrow, the heels too high, are too pointed, the materials are not right, or the comfier ones have an old-fashioned style. But you want to wear something at the same time comfortable, suitable and pretty during this unique time of your life. You want to look chic despite the changed dimensions of your body.

Pretty disappointing, isn't it? Before pregnancy you would have never thought that it can be so hard to find suitable shoes for this certain use in the ocean of possibilities which exist on the market. Now you are amazed to notice this... But why is that, why has nobody yet “invented” pregnancy shoes, you ask yourself puzzled?

That was our experience at Pregnidos which first frustrated us and then inspired us to create the shoes which moms with swollen feet need to wear. It is not only our experience, but your experience and that of many other pregnant women as well.

We have poured into the design of Pregnidos our observations, our genuine wish for better shoes from during the pregnancy time, and our vision to make the best maternity shoes for hero feet which carry Two. We have worked intensely with experienced shoemakers to create those shoes and we have been testing them ourselves many times before the prototypes got to final models.

We wish you a great time and a good relaxation when walking with Pregnidos and we hope that you feel the passion with which they have been created.

Walk worry-free for Two!